Charleston SC Wedding of Caroline & Joe

My wedding internship with Caroline Ghetes continues. Anybody who thinks being a wedding photographer is easy, well, they are sorely mistaken. Try standing, running around…in the rain, for 11 hours straight, getting attacked by fire ants, all in 100 degree weather. Yep, not easy. But it was really, really, really, fun!

Now on to the fabulous couple, Caroline and Joe. They met while studying abroad. They fell in love. A long distance relationship between Canada and South Carolina ensued. Joe designed a wooden car. For serious folks. Caroline moved closer to Joe and started design school. She designed and made each and every bridesmaid dress! On a warm and rainy day in Charleston, South Carolina, Caroline and Joe were married. Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!

You can view Caroline Ghete’s amazing photos from this wedding here: Charlotte Wedding Photographer.

Charlotte wedding photographer Ashley Gillett

My fave. Hands down. Caroline, you are stunning!

heart pillow

bride has her makeup applied in Charleston SC

photo of makeup by Charlotte wedding photographer Ashley Gillett

Another one of my faves. Yes, I’m obsessed with makeup.

navy wedding shoes

wedding jewelry by Ashley Gillett Photography

wedding shoes and toy sports cars.

Joe, the groom, has a thing for cars.

Charleston wedding photography

beautiful bridal portraits by Charlotte NC photographer Ashley Gillett

butterly ring on wedding day

wedding gown in Charleston SC

bride sews all her bridesmaids’ dresses.

Caroline made all of the awesome dresses!

classic bridal portrait by photographer Ashley Gillett

My second fave. Total beauty.

Caroline and Joe Harmon are married in Charleston SC

Old oak tree and sagull in Charleston SC

wedding guests at Charleston wedding

stinky suit on wedding day by Ashley Gillett

bride in Charleston SC by Ashley Gillett

sweet wedding couple in Charleston SC by Ashley Gillett Photography

A little chest bump never hurt anyone.

photo of an umbrella on a rainy wedding day.

rainy wedding day portrait by Ashley Gillett

light trails during reception

Caroline G. taught me how to make these cool light trails during the reception.

bride parties at her Charleston wedding


  1. Eeeeeeee! My friend, Caroline, you look stunning and fabulous all at once! I truly enjoyed these photos! Congrats to you both! xo

  2. Oh, the dresses …. amazing. Great job on EVERYTHING.

  3. Fabulous! Really style and grace, both in the wedding and the photographs.

  4. Great set. Love the way you captured the details!

  5. Beautiful photos! My favorites were the same as yours, but I also love that rain drops shot. I can’t believe the bride made all the bridesmaids dresses – that is so cool!

  6. Fun set, Ashley! I completely agree with you that the top image is my favorite! :) Beautiful!

  7. Stunning indeed (the bride and your images). Great work Ashley!

  8. Beautiful couple and beautiful photos. Very nice work!

  9. Those brides’ maids dresses are stunningly beautiful; has Caroline thought of contracting out her skillz?! Amazing photos of a gorgeous couple.

  10. Great shots. The Bride was beautiful and the dresses rocked!

  11. LOVE the shot through the window. And the bride has style! Amazing ring :)

  12. Wow! Those bridesmaids dresses are awesomely unique!

  13. That bride is gorgeous! Killer photos, Ashley! =)

  14. Beautiful bride and a beautiful wedding. Nicely captured.

  15. Lovely images. I especially like the shot of the water drops on the window.

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