Cherry Trees Finally Blooming in Charlotte

Can Charlotte be any more beautiful this time of year? The answer is yes, just give it another month or two when all of the azaleas and dogwoods are blooming. For now, though, Charlotte is a pink wonderland of cherry blossoms. I’m a bit of a plant nerd and am obsessed with classifying and organizing things. You better believe my closet is color coordinated…I’m not ocd or anything…

I am loving all of the pink cherry blossoms. It’s too bad that the closest ones to me are down the main road here; maybe I shouldn’t have gone out for pictures at rush hour? The road was so busy, but hey, I got nice and personal with about 10 cherry trees. Here are the some of my faves.

cherry blossom dypthic

cherry blossoms 100315 0086

cherry blossoms 100315 0126

cherry blossoms 100315 0125


  1. I’ve so been meaning to go out and photograph these trees and the daffodils that are blooming in Davidson! You’ve inspried me…. this will be a project for tomorrow afternoon! Have a great weekend!

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